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Securing Data




Protecting the World’s Most Sensitive Data

HPE Security – Data Security is a leading expert in data encryption and tokenization data security solutions for:

  • Many of the world’s largest merchants and retailers
  • 7 of the 9 top U.S. payment processors
  • 8 of the 10 top U.S. banks
  • Thousands of mid-sized businesses including healthcare organizations, regional banks and insurance providers including transportation, retail, insurance, high tech, healthcare, telecom & public sector


End-to-end Security for Email and Attachments

HPE SecureMail is a best of breed end-to-end encrypted email solution available for desktop, cloud, and mobile that is scalable to millions of users, while keeping Personally Identifiable Information and Personal Health Information secure and private. This level of secure email communication gives organizations the confidence to transition from paper to electronic communication.

HPE SecureMail enables decryption on desktop, web, and mobile, by both internal and external users and supports scanning and filtering for all inbound and outbound email.


Rethinking email encryption


Too often, the sensitive data being transmitted via email is susceptible to attack. Email encryption represents a vital defense in addressing vulnerabilities. This paper reveals best practices for a successful email encryption implementation.



High-performance Cryptography and Key Management

HPE Security – Data Security Atalla hardware security modules have helped customers protect their most sensitive financial data for over 38 years. Customers have recognized us as having the highest ‘Net Promoter Score’ of any HSM appliance provider. This PCI HSM certified, tamper-resistant HSM for cryptography is designed specifically for secure payments applications with the most stringent compliance requirements, including Debit, EMV, Cloud-based payments with FIPS 140-2 Level 3+ appliance. It meets critical PCI-DSS, NIST and ANSI standards for security and compliance audits.




Proven Cloud Access Security Protection Platform


Enterprises require a cloud data security solution for visibility, governance and protection for data in the cloud. Adallom is a Cloud Access Security Broker that seamlessly integrates with your enterprise cloud applications without impact to end-users. It delivers visibility, governance and protection for any user, in any location, on any device. A comprehensive audit trail correlates each activity to a user. One can govern cloud application usage, secure corporate data and react in real-time to an account compromise or risky behaviors.




A Complete Solution for Enterprise Key Management and Data Protection

Enterprise Secure Key Manager (ESKM) is a complete key management solution to secure server, storage and cloud against losses, mishandling, and administrative and operational attacks, with KMIP standardized interoperability and HPE Secure Encryption. It enables you to protect and ensure continuous access to business-critical, sensitive, data-at-rest encryption keys, both locally and remotely.




                                        Security Compliance










Knowledge Management



Before using our Web Self-Service, 90% of service inquiries were phone calls to agents. One customer experience, after installing Web Self-Service, only 20% of inquiries went to agents and 80% were deflected to the self-service portal.


Significantly reduces the number of calls to the support center, increasing productivity and reducing support costs.

Improves agent performance and reduces handle time.

Empowers users to self-resolve their incidents.Provides 24/7, online support and availability

Integration with popular service ticket software.



  • Knowledge exists throughout your organization. The challenge is to convert it into a searchable, usable, valuable form. You don't need to be concerned about the format of your knowledge or where your knowledge resides. In a single search, conducts a federated search across all your sources:

    • Your networks and drives
    • Internal or external web sites
    • Traditional relational databases
    • Third-party social forums such as Lithium, Jive and Yammer
    • Many other products such as SharePoint, Confluence, Moodle and so on.  Integrating with many third-party system, so all your knowledge is delivered in a unified way.
    Scans your network for knowledge however it exists: Word docs, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, file shares, existing knowledgebase's, and all your existing knowledge in almost any form. It presents consolidated results of all the knowledge it finds, and identifies the knowledge type.  Automates the conversion and retention of your existing knowledge.


    Knowledge Explorer Benefits:

    • Integrated search results
    • Intuitive migration of content
    • Comprehensive activity logging and customer feedback
    • External content filtering

     Having the most relevant content available to customers and agents is critical to a successful knowledge initiative. Knowledge Explorer supplements the content stored in your knowledgebase through knowledge federation, by making shared documents, web pages, cases and relational databases accessible and searchable to all customers.





    One of the unique aspects is our out-of-the-box, bi-directional, inline integration with virtually any case management or ticketing system. This allows agents to search for knowledge and attach knowledge to cases or tickets on the same screen, with fewer clicks and less typing - expediting their post-call activities and reducing average speed to answer.

    In addition to integrating knowledge management with CRM, ITSM and ERP systems, we've integrated with other tools agents use to do their job, such as Chat, IVR and password reset tools. We have developed APIs to integrate with dozens of systems used throughout the enterprise, such as SharePoint, Yammer, Chatter, Jive and Moodle, and we have the framework in place to integrate to any other system you may be using.




    Providing more knowledge management reporting than anyone else to measure the impact of your service and support.

    Our standard reports give you the metrics you need to manage your knowledge strategy. They provide insight on user behavior and trends in your environment. Run the reports to discover what's working for your customers or employees and where you can improve.

    We offer more than 40 different pre-built reports.  Analyze the numbers around knowledge creation and maintenance, or around searching and viewing. Our reports cover everything from Average Session Length, to Aging Status View, to Solution Activity by Month by Author.  Our Knowledge report will help you determine who your knowledge champions are and who can help you promote knowledge in your organization. And if you follow the KCS methodology, our UFFA report will be useful to you. Graphic reports are useful for importing into presentations to show trending and ROI.  Our Client Success team will work with you to help you determine which reports you should run, and how often.

    Our reports process extremely quickly, giving fast results even to customers with large or high-traffic knowledgebase's.

    Filtering options and sort able columns provide more granularity and details, making it easier to find the information you're looking for.

    The reports can be scheduled, and exported into several formats. Once you define a report you can make it available to anyone in your organization to run or schedule. You can even define multiple schedules for the same report, with different filters applied, which can be set up for different people to receive.

    Forty-plus reports not enough for you? Check out our custom Report Builder.



    When you are ready to take that leap, look for a mobile knowledge management solution that is an extension of your Web-based experience and can scale with your BYOD initiatives.  You can duplicate your users' Web experience along with complete interoperability to your service desk or customer service/CRM system.  Mobile runs in-line with your Web self-service, not alongside. The BYOD phenomenon also impacts your agents. Providing mobile access to your agents will increase your organization's support effectiveness, allowing them to easily address open tickets from anywhere and at any time.  Agents have access to the full Agent Portal in the palm of their hands. By utilizing the mobile knowledge management system, agents can check and work on open tickets assigned to them, take calls from anywhere, and as field agents, remotely access the knowledge they need to support their customers and employees.

    You can implement a BYOD program within your support environment to:

    • Extend a remarkable self-service experience to your customers and employees
    • Provide field agents with mobile access to knowledge base
    • Improve your support team's effectiveness
    • Make your agents more productive and improve customer satisfaction